What is MachineLabs?

MachineLabs is an open source online platform for Machine Learning. We aim to lower the barrier of entry to Machine Learning and embrace knowledge sharing by providing a platform that is accessible, sharable and explorable via the web.

Machine Learning is a field that seems rather exclusive to people with academic background (professors, Phd’s, …). It’s often not trivial to follow even beginner guides since the field comes with a heavy focus on mathematical theories. On top of that, setting things up to just getting started can also be very challenging, especially if one isn’t a data scientist who is familiar with all required tools.

MachineLabs tries to lower the barrier of entry as well as making the tooling scape more pleasant so more people are able to start learning in this field. This includes:

Embracing knowledge sharing

Our main priority is to make the Machine Learning field accessible to everyone. This not only means lowering the barrier, but also making it easy to share and explore experiments. Coming from the web development landscape, tools like JSFiddle, Plunker and CodePen are the status quo. We want to enable the same for the Machine Learning field by providing features like:

Support the project

MachineLabs, Inc is a small, dedicated and 100 % bootstrapped company by the same people who run thoughtram.

You can make a difference and support us on our mission, become a Patreon!